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Some copies of the Memory Book are still available.

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Memory books are available at $25 per copy including taxes and delivery. Page through the sample copy below to see the contents of the book.

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The Memory Book includes:

  • A detailed history of Kam High
  • History of Fine Arts at Kam High
  • History of Sports at Kam High
  • More detailed tributes to Hall of Fame members
  • Personal stories from Kam High Alumni
  • Candid Photos from the Homecoming
  • Personal Stories of the Homecoming

You may order by mail by sending your request, including your shipping address, along with a cheque for $25 per copy to:

Walter Harder
280 Douglas Avenue
Penticton, BC V2A 2A8

If you're registered in our database, you may order on line by completing the following information. Payment may be made by cheque to the above address or via PayPal.

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