School Song

We'll always love you
Our Kamloops High
We're proud of you
We'll tell you why.
You are tops in everything
And all your praises
We'll always sing,
Soccer, Football, and Basketball,
Dancing, singing, we've got them all.
Raise your voices
Shout and sing
The praises of old Kam High


Kamloops High to thee we're loyal,
Kamloops High School is our cry.
With the red and black unfurled,
We are out to show the world
That we come from Kamloops,
Kamloops, Kamloops High!!

(1940s and 1950s)

Joyous and ever loyal,
We will root for our old high,
Let every heart sing,
Let every voice ring,
There's no time to grieve nor sigh,

It's ever onward,
Our course pursuing,
Let defeat ne'er our ardour cool,
But united we will root for her,
Our old high school.

Mailing Address: Kam High Alumni Association
c/o 1585 Kicking Horse Way, Kamloops BC, V2E 2T6
Telephone:(250) 460-0308
Homecoming Committee Dinner: Back Row: Dave Woods, Rae Agassiz, Louise Millar, Len Fowles, Roger Parkes Middle Row: Susie Haughton, , Kay Mori, Sandra Thompson, Bill English, Norio Sakaki, Walter Harder, Gordon Lloyd Front Row: Marianne Trestain, Karen Willies, Marian Owens, Mary Ellen Patterson, Rae Long, Pat Richardson

Homecoming 2004 Committee Contact Information

Steering Committee
Co-Chairs Walter Harder
Gordon Lloyd
Webmaster Walter Harder
Treasurer Dave Woods
Database Marianne Trestain
Secretary Sue Haughton
Publicity Gordon Lloyd
assisted by Grayden Flanagan
Special Events Jim Freathy
Facilities Gerry Bond
Finance Dave Woods
Registration Gordon Britton
Sue Haughton
Program Barry Brady
Reunions Bill English
Hosting Rachael Long (Parkes)
Displays and Memorabilia Pat Richardson

Other Responsibilities
Banquet/Food Mary Ellen Patterson
Decorations Pat Linge
Entertainment Marian Owens
Dick Dickens
Historian Gordon Lloyd
assisted by Gordon Davis
and Susan Cross
(Kamloops Museum and Archives)
Journal Walter Harder
Master of Ceremonies Barry Brady
Photography Wilf Schmidt
Registration Velma Dale
Sandra Thompson
Karen Willies
Jim Freathy
Souvenirs Norio Sakaki
  Isabel Bagg
Dianne Barker
Rae Fawcett
Kay Mori
Lauana Turcotte
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