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How the Registration Process Works

To discourage those who are just playing around and to help ensure that we have valid information for Kam High alumni, you must provide your e-mail* address. A message will be sent to the address that you enter with a link to the page where you can register.

The link will be valid for approximately one day so that the link cannot be sent to others and allow them to contaminate our database. The e-mail message containing your link will be sent within seconds after you press the "Send Instructions" button below. Depending on the traffic on the internet and at your mail server, some delays may ocassionally be encountered in receiving the message.

Registration if free, your information will remain confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than arranging Kam High reunions. You will not receive any other e-mail from us unless you select to receive our Newsletter. Your e-mail address will not be provided to others (unless you specifically indicate that your contact info should be published) but you may receive e-mail messages from other Kam High alumni who wish to contact you. That e-mail will be blind - i.e. you will be told the sender's e-mail address but they will not be told yours.

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* Note: if your e-mail address contains an ampersand (&), you may experience problems with the on-line registration process. If you do, click here send me an e-mail message showing the following:
  • Your class year (the year that your class graduated)
  • Your name in High School and your current name if different
  • Your snail mail address
  • Your telephone number
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