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History of Kam High

Gordon Lloyd in 1953Gordon Lloyd in 1982 as Principal

In preparation for the Kam High Centennial Homecoming 2004, Gordon Lloyd, former principal of KSS, compiled information about early education in Kamloops and, in particular, about Kamloops High School which went through many name changes and was recently merged with John Peterson Secondary School to become École Secondaire South Kamloops Secondary School.

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What's in a Name?

Over the years, Kam High has had several official names, been located in several different buildings, and served various grade levels. The following is a brief summary of that history.

Year Official Name Grades Location
1904 Kamloops High School 9-11 in temporary quarters on First and Victoria
1907-1910 Kamloops School
with Kamloops High School in the attic (third floor)
Commonly called “The School”
9-11 with elementary grades 1-8 on the first two floors
high school class(es) in the attic (third floor)
1910-1912 Kamloops High School 9-11 in Methodist Church on Seymour St.
1913-1924 Kamloops High School 9-11 St. Paul St. & 6th Ave
1925-1929 Kamloops High School 9-12 St. Paul St.
1930-1932 Kamloops Junior High School and
Kamloops High School
7-12 St. Paul St.
1933-1952 Kamloops Junior-Senior High School 7-13 St. Paul St.
1952-1958 Kamloops Junior-Senior High School 7-13 Munro St.
1959-1962 Kamloops High School 10-13 Munro St.
1963-1970 Kamloops Senior Secondary School 10-13 Munro St.
1971-1974 Kamloops Senior Secondary School 10-12 Munro St.
1975-1998 Kamloops Senior Secondary School 11-12 Munro St.
1998-2003 Kamloops Secondary School 8-12 Munro St.
2003 South Kamloops Secondary School 8-12 9th Avenue (JP) plus
Munro St (KSS)

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